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Boxit-N-Lockit Provides Convenient Storage Solutions to Erie, PA

At a recent delivery, we had the opportunity to deliver one of our portable self storage units to an apartment complex in Erie, PA.

Directly next to the apartment complex was a traditional self storage facility. Historically, self storage units see a significant amount of demand from people who are in the middle of the moving process.

Someone moving will typically load up a moving truck or a bunch of friends' trucks and find the closest storage facility to store all of their belongings.

Then, when they are ready to move into their next home or apartment, it's time to get the trucks again and load up all your belongings from the local storage facility. Then you drive the trucks to your new home and unload your stuff one more time. It's a monotonous and laborious process.

Don't worry, there is a better way!

Now when you see this video, what do you think?

From looking at this picture and video, I think I know which moving process I would rather use. If this customer had instead rented one of these traditional storage units right next to their new apartment, they still would have needed to use or rent a truck to move all of their stuff up the hill to their new apartment.

However, they instead utilized one of our portable storage units and had us deliver the unit full of their stuff directly to the back door of their new apartment.

Think about the amount of pain and headache this saved. This saved them from handling their belongings at least two more times. They loaded up the container once and unloaded the container once, saving them time and money.

At Boxit-N-Lockit, we would love to do the same for you. Do you know anyone in your family or circle of friends who are currently in the moving process? Send them our way!

Also, our units are great for renovations.

Need a place to put all your stuff while your contractor rebuilds your kitchen, living room, or bathroom? We can deliver the storage unit to your driveway, back yard, front yard, you name it. Fill it with your stuff, allow the renovation to be completed, and then move everything back in when you're done. Simple.

Self storage delivered to your front door…or back door….or yard…. Or wherever you need it.

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