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Convenient Portable Self Storage Delivery Options in Erie PA

Here is another great example of the convenience our mobile storage containers offer. We had the privilege of delivering this storage unit to Joe Herbert in Erie, PA the other day.

This is a nice Erie neighborhood, but the close proximity of the homes to each other and the narrow driveways make it a hard location for large deliveries to occur.

However, our delivery system makes the job easy. Joe and his wife will need to fill the container from around the back of their home. We were able to leave our large rig out on the road and drive the storage unit to the exact location they needed the unit in front of their gate that gives them access to their back yard.

Any other storage container delivery system would not stand a chance. They typical delivery system uses a long trailer in excess of 40 feet. It needs to back into the location of where your container will be place and then it drives out from underneath the unit, often times causing damage. In this case however, a truck and trailer of that size would have made this delivery location impossible.

They will be able to conveniently fill their storage container at their leisure over the coming days and weeks and when they are ready to have the container moved they will give Boxit-N-Lockit a call to come pick up the container for them and move it to their next desired location.

This saves a lot of headaches over traditional storage options and moving truck options. If they were using a normal storage unit they would need to load up all of their belongings in a truck or multiple set of vehicles and haul it to a local storage facility. They would then need to unload everything again into the storage unit. Then, when they are ready to go to their next location with their belongings they would need to get the truck and other vehicles out again to go load up their stuff at the storage facility. Then, they would still have to handle everything at least one more time as they empty their trucks and vehicles.

Boxit-N-Lockit's portable self storage containers eliminates this hassle. With our units you can fill the container once and unload the container once saving you time, money, and hassle.

This was also a particularly fun delivery for me as the owner of Boxit-N-Lockit, because I happen to know Joe personally/professionally. Joe is one of Erie's premiere real estate brokers and he continues to build out an awesome team. He is extremely professional and a quick conversation with him will tell you how passionate he is about real estate. Additionally, Joe just wrote his first book which I highly recommend you check out. Here is the link to Joe's book and also another link to his website.

I majored in finance in college and personal financial topics have always been near and dear to me, so I absolutely love that Joe wrote a book on this topic and we are happy to support any way we can.

Joe, thank you for the business and trusting Boxit-N-Lockit with your portable self storage needs!

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