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Falconer Fire Department Renovations - Portable Self Storage Solution

Today I went to pick up a storage unit at the Falconer Fire Department in Falconer, NY. Take a look at the video below to check it out for yourself! Charlie, the fire department chief, had rented this storage unit from us for the last 4-5 months while they were doing renovations on the fire hall.

It worked out great as they were able to park the storage unit right next to their fire hall. This allowed them to move their stuff into the storage unit while they performed the renovations and keep it close by.

This saved them the hassle of loading up vehicles and hauling it all to a local self storage facility, unloading it into a storage unit, then coming back and reloading it just to bring it back to the fire hall and unload it again.

I want to give a huge shout out to Chief Charlie and the entire Falconer Fire Department roster. Thank you for what you do everyday, you guys are true heroes. Also, thank you for your business!

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