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Portable Self Storage Unit at Andriaccio's Restaurant

Over the last five months, Andriaccio's Restaurant in Mayville, NY has been renting an 8x16 foot portable storage unit from us at their restaurant. As you can imagine, for a restaurant in snowy Western New York, the summer months are their really busy months.

Boxit-N-Lockit Portable Self Storage Unit in Mayville, NY
An 8x16 Portable Self Storage Unit All Loaded Up

On top of that, Andriaccio's Restaurant is located right down the road from the Chautauqua Institution, which is a major summer tourist attraction.

It really worked out great for them having a portable storage unit right on site. They were able to rig our storage unit up with internal lights and they used the unit to store extra busy season inventory such as pizza boxes. This allowed them to clear up their kitchen so they could stay focused on what they do best; making great Italian Food.


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If you ever have a chance to visit Andriaccio's I personally highly recommend it. Not only is the food great, but the service is also exceptional. My wife and I actually had them cater our wedding and we had countless reviews from our guests on how the food was the best wedding food they ever had. Nick and Sally, the owners, were also great to work with and did an awesome job.

Boxit-N-Lockit provides portable self storage units to local businesses and families all over Chautauqua county and Erie County, among others. Our service is great for businesses who need a place to put inventory or who just need extra storage. We're also a great solution for anyone moving or anyone who needs to clear out that space in their house.

Save yourself countless trips to and from a traditional self storage facility. With Boxit-N-Lockit portable storage, the storage facility is delivered to your front door. We take care of moving the unit and moving your stuff so you don't have to.

We also have a lot of customers who use the units as traditional self storage units right at their location or ours. We offer long-term rental price discounts and we can put our storage units wherever you need them.

One of our recent customers had been renting from a traditional self storage unit for years, but it was becoming a burden for her elder mother to have to go to and from the self storage facility anytime she wanted to access her stuff. So, we delivered her a unit right at their existing storage unit and they swapped everything over. Once that was done, we came and got the unit and moved it to their house. Now they will always have access to the unit.

Locations We Serve

We deliver portable self storage units in:

Erie, PA

Jamestown, NY

Bemus Point, NY

Clymer, NY

Fredonia, NY

Dunkirk, NY

Mayville, NY

Chautauqua, NY

Findley Lake, NY

Chautauqua Lake, NY

Sherman, NY

Panama, NY

Ripley, NY

Ashville, NY

Mina, NY

French Creek, NY

Harborcreek, PA

Corry, PA

Springcreek, PA

Meadville, PA

Wattsburg, PA

Waterford, PA

Millcreek, PA

Summit Township, PA

North East, PA

McKean, PA

Edinboro, PA

Cambridge Springs, PA

Union City, PA

Bear Lake, PA

Lakewood, NY

Spartansburg, PA

Youngsville, PA

Columbus, PA

Lawrence Park, PA

McLane, PA

Warren, PA

Sugar Grove, PA

Russell, PA

Frewsburg, NY

Falconer, NY

Westfield, NY

Stockton, NY

Cassadaga, NY

Conewango, PA

And many others! We can deliver a portable storage unit just about anywhere. Make sure to visit the "Instant Quote" section of our website to get a customized online quote based on your location or give us a call at 855-450-3990!

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